A gym is often a place where people go to get healthy, exercise and stay in shape

People who go to a gym typically do cardio, running or cycling. It is also where they meet new people and make friends.

Today’s fitness is changing because of the rise of technology. There are many ways to work out without leaving our homes or that empty space in the corner of your living room. Fitness equipment has come a long way over the years and there are now so many ways that you can get fit while using just your own body weight.

YouTube offers more than 1 billion hours of video content each month with thousands of fitness training videos for all levels and tastes, from beginner workouts for absolute beginners to challenging triathlons for advanced athletes.

The gym, in a broader sense, is an area where one can exercise and take part in physical activities broadly. It could be a building, a room or even just some space outdoors. There are specific types of gyms that are dedicated to specific activities like weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Today Gym, introduced as a new Youtube channel by social media influencer Emma Watson on 7th November 2016, is all about giving health tips through healthy looking videos for people who have limited time to workout. It mainly focuses on cardio workouts but also has some running and weight-training videos.

Today Gym is the latest YouTube channel from social media star Emma Watson that features high intensity cardio routines with an inspiring playlist that keeps viewers exercising for hours!

For years, people have been asking “What should I do at the gym?” This question is a difficult one to answer and it’s hard to find the perfect routine for everyone. But now, by applying machine learning, fitness blogs can help give people insight in their workouts and potentially make their lives easier.

The fitness market is a $48 billion industry. People are investing time into buying gym memberships or attending fitness classes such as Zumba or Yoga. It’s no surprise that there are still many questions regarding what type of training works best for individuals and how they can achieve the results they desire.

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