What is the best way to train for cardio?

This introductory section covers a topic that is of interest to people who are looking for ways to improve their cardio training. A number of videos, such as those on Youtube, are provided in order to answer this question and provide other content that could be relevant.

Today gym is meant to be a place where you can exercise, get fit, and have fun. It contains all the amenities that one needs such as machines, free weights, running tracks, basketball court and many more.

We should not think of today gym merely as a place to work out; we should also consider it as a meeting point for friends and family members who want to share with each other their moments in the gym.

Where is the best place to start if you are new to working out? Here’s a look at where you should start:

– Having a goal in mind. Whether it’s getting in shape and losing weight, having more energy, or feeling great about yourself, you need to know what you want from exercise.

– Building up your endurance and strength. Once you know your goal, go for some cardio work and start with some gentle weight training workouts using light weights for shorter duration.

– Get ready with gym equipment that is right for beginners: an exercise mat, bench, dumbbells (2 pounds each), a pull-up bar, a door anchor/weight plate set-up (not pictured), and clippers